Allocution by S.E.R. Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García

We read a fragment of the gospel according to Saint Matthew, chapter 15, verses 21 to 28 that today, Sunday the 16th, is proclaimed in all the Catholic churches of the world.

The Lord Jesus knew well the faith of this woman who lived in an area that did not belong to Israel, and those who lived there were treated contemptuously by the Israelites. Jesus did not need to test this woman’s faith, but rather treated her badly so that we would know the faith of this woman, who, rejected three times, remained in her request for her daughter’s healing. She knew that only Jesus could cure her and she didn’t care about Jesus’ contempt and insisted until she got what she wanted. For a mother, nothing is impossible. With Jesus we say: “how great is your faith, Canaanite woman and mother.”


Today there are also people who have the persevering faith of the Canaanite woman.

Caridad López is pregnant and caught measles. Doctors, nurses, family members, friends, neighbors, the entire town begged her to have an abortion. But Caridad knew that the blessed fruit of her husband’s love was her daughter, the image and likeness of God. And nine months later, Judith, a spectacular child, was born and today Caridad enjoys her daughter and her grandchildren. How great is your faith, Charity!


Emilia, Polish, had a son and then her second child died. At 40 years old, Emilia, with limited health, became pregnant and despite the fact that many recommended abortion, Emilia continued forward and gave us Pope Saint John Paul II, whom many of you met. How great is your faith, Emilia!


Ángel married Ana María and the first year of the marriage a son was born and the next year, the second child. After the second birth, Ana María became an invalid. Her husband and family cared for Ana María. Before work, he would bathe her, bring her lunch early and take care of the children with the help of their families. The children grew up, they got married and Ángel continued by Ana María’s side doing everything and managed to ensure that she did not lack anything and had plenty of love from the children, the daughters-in-law and the entire family. On the eve of the 60th anniversary of their marriage she died. Upon returning from the funeral, entering through the door of the house, Ángel died. Death could not separate those who loved each other for more than 60 years, in such a way that they were one person.

Angel, how great is your faith in marital love!


Teresita was going to turn 15 and her mother, the best seamstress and embroiderer in town, had prepared a very elegant dress for her.

Teresita’s friend and schoolmate, Tania, was very poor and did not have a decent dress for her quinceañera. Teresita took Tania home, they entered the room, opened the window, full of elegant dresses made by her mother, and told Tania: “choose the dress you like the most for your quince.”

Tania, neither shy nor lazy, chose the very elegant dress that her mother had prepared for Teresita: “Take it, it’s yours, celebrate your 15th with it,” Teresita said.

After many years, the cries of the angry lady that the mother made to her daughter Teresita can still be heard in the town. How great is your faith, Therese, in the love of your neighbor!


Sister Yaquelín’s godmother, Sierva de San José, was about to get married and when her sister died suddenly, leaving three young children, the family did not know what to do. The godmother said: “I will take care of the three.” The boyfriend said: “Those children are not yours and I am not going to take care of them. The godmother, acting as mother, spoke to the groom and told him: “You go your way and marry someone else, I’ll stay with the three children.” Today the godmother and the three grown children are happy. How great is your faith, in the love of children, and in your mission as Godmother!


The parents, the grandparents, the godparents of Rebeca de la Caridad, have walked 5 kilometers carrying the girl to get to the temple and baptize her. How great is the faith of Rebeca de la Caridad’s family in Baptism!


We know Catholics who participate in Sunday Mass on 52 Sundays of the year, those who come from miles away by bus, truck, bicycle, bottle, on foot and those who, under thunder, lightning, torrential rain, arrive with the soles of their shoes peeling off! ! How great is the faith of these Sunday Catholics!


Canaanite woman, Caridad, Ángel, Teresita, godmother of Sister Yaquelín, relatives of Rebeca de la Caridad, Catholics of every Sunday, help us to live the faith like you.

Send to the Archbishopric stories from titans of faith to imitate them, pray for them and make their beautiful testimonies known.


A sick lady went to the doctor and he diagnosed her illness…


During the Second World War, the rose window, a marvel of art, of the historic cathedral of Reims (France), built in the 13th century, was blown into the air, shattered, due to a bomb that exploded very nearby. Once the bombing was over, the parishioners, who lived near the cathedral, gathered and on their knees collected for days, from the rubble, each and every one of the glass fragments of the historic rose window.

At the end of the war, the rose window was rebuilt with the glass fragments, which the faithful had collected with so much effort and love.

They say that today the rose window of the cathedral is more beautiful and is proudly displayed by the inhabitants of the city of Reims.

For the sick, crucified, suffering Christian…

-Even if your life has been broken into a thousand pieces, it serves;

-Even if you live immersed in physical or spiritual suffering and it seems worthless to you, the value of suffering, incorporated into that of Christ, is immense;

-Even if it seems to you that your pain is sterile, useless… all suffering is valid, serves and benefits for your own good and that of others; for this life and for the eternal.

Pope John Paul II, who was ill, said: Faith in Christ does not eliminate suffering, but illuminates it, elevates it, purifies it, transforms it, makes it valid for eternity.


Father God, you created us with health. Thank you for the wonder of our body and for having created us in your image and likeness.

Jesus Christ, healer, heals our diseases of body and soul.

Holy Spirit, give your gift of wisdom so that scientists and doctors can find solutions to the diseases we suffer from.

Saint Mary of Charity, pray that love for the sick will never be lacking and help us take care of them as you did with Saint Joseph and your neighbors.

Blessed Olallo Valdés, nurse, surgeon, epidemiologist; Tell us how you could love so many sick people in the midst of the epidemics of your time. Blessed Olallo Valdés, pray for us. Amen.

And may the blessing of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend upon the sick, upon those who care for them, and remain forever. Amen.


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