Paulinos in Cuba

Paulines in Cuba

Society of Saint Paul

Founded on August 20, 1914 and definitively approved by the Holy See on June 27, 1949, its mission is “evangelization with modern means of communication.” It is made up of religious priests and consecrated lay people (called Disciples of the Divine Master).
Present on the five continents, the Society of Saint Paul uses: magazines, books, cinema, radio, television, CDs, Internet sites and all as a means of apostolate to announce Christ and speak of everything Christianly to people far from parish life. communicative technology. The models of his mission are: Jesus the Master, Saint Paul, the apostle who “does everything with everyone” and Mary Queen of the Apostles who gives life to Christ as communicator of the Father.

P. Santiago Alberione


Father Santiago Alberione was born on April 4, 1884 in San Lorenzo de Fossano, northern Italy. Son of a humble and hard-working family but with a deep faith. From a young age he felt God’s call to do something for the men of the new century. As a seminarian, on the night that divided the 19th century from the 20th century, while he was in fervent prayer before the tabernacle, he felt God’s call to do something for the men of the new century. This conviction marked the life of Father Alberione, who, with poor health since birth, with two World Wars on the horizon and with many adversities, founded the Society of Saint Paul and later what would become the great Pauline Family. Alberione, means “tree”. And that is what Father Alberione was: a fruitful man, the trunk of a great tree that supports large leafy branches, populated by thousands and thousands of followers who, in love with the charisma of Saint Paul, continue to bear apostolic fruits in every corner. of the world. Father Santiago Alberione was called to the Father’s House on November 26, 1971 and on April 27, 2003, he was declared Blessed by Pope John Paul II.


Taken from Pastoral Life


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