Allocution for the Feast of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne

Today, July 26, is a day dedicated to the veneration and prayer of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, parents of the Virgin Mary and grandparents of Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, the Savior.

We listen to a fragment of the gospel of Saint Matthew, chapter 13, verses 16 and 17.

Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, who gave a part of their money to the temple, the second to the poor, the third to the house, great prayers, morning, afternoon and night, no longer expected the desired blessed fruit when suddenly she He notices that she is pregnant and the joy of both of them flooded the house, the family and the town.

They did not imagine that the girl who was inside Anna’s sterile womb would be the Mother of the Son of God made man. They never dreamed of carrying their grandson, their daughter’s son, the Messiah, the One awaited for centuries by the people, the Savior, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

What Moses, Isaiah, the Old Testament prophets did not see, Joachim and Anna touched him, felt him, bathed him, fed him, accompanied him. As the sky is far from the earth, so is the thought of God from that of men.

Married couples who have not been able to enjoy the desire to have children send their names to the archbishopric with the request to pray for fertility. We will place their names at the feet of the images of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne and we will all pray, like these saints, with faith, hope, perseverance and we will request the prayers of the contemplative nuns and something wonderful will happen, because prayer is powerful and God gives the best for us. We present these couples who have not been able to have children, in front of the Virgin of Charity.

God save you, Mary…


My grandparents are old, but Rocío’s grandmother is not as old as mine.

My grandmother is pretty, she has soft hands and clean nails. My grandmother smells delicious. I really like watching her when she combs her hair: she moves the comb very slowly, she makes a braid and rolls it up to make a bun and she puts on some very big clips, it looks great on her, her hair doesn’t stand up like it does on me.

My grandfather has white hair. I’ve seen him take a pencil out of his pocket and write on his eyebrows and mustache, how stupid he is!… I don’t know why he wants to make them black.

My grandmother is short, a little bigger than me. I love her very much because she listens to me and talks to me. She taught me how to make the sign of the cross and we prayed together in front of the Heart of Jesus that is in the room.

Grandma knows many stories and hears mine. She protects me when mommy is going to punish me: my mom fights her (I don’t know how she dares, because grandma is her mom and moms have to be respected and obeyed).

Grandma prepares delicious milk and brings it to me in bed. She makes some delicious meals.

My grandfather is very tall and skinny. Why would my grandmother marry him? Grandpa is serious. He sits with me when I go to study and sometimes he fights and wants me to read well, write beautifully and know my math, he has no compassion for me! I don’t know why Mommy and Daddy don’t come and fight with Grandpa… Well, I do know: Mommy is watching the soap opera and Daddy, when he is there, is playing dominoes. They are always very busy. That’s why my grandfather is the one who takes me for walks, goes with me to the dentist, takes me to music classes, to school and accompanies me to catechism on Saturdays. On Sundays my grandmother is the one who takes me to mass, because he goes very early, when I am still sleeping.

Grandfather reads the newspaper every afternoon and likes to watch the news, I like dolls and so does my grandmother.

The best thing in my house is my grandparents’ closet. I love recording it. They have many curious and interesting things. They have photos and clothes from when they were young and some very funny glasses. My grandfather has a bell, the only time I picked it up I couldn’t ring it because they would have discovered me and they would surely scold me. One day I took my grandmother’s perfume and put it on myself: I couldn’t see the dolls.

Grandpa gets up early every day, makes coffee and immediately takes it to my grandmother. I think my grandfather loves my grandmother very much, otherwise he wouldn’t bring her coffee in bed. My grandmother also loves my grandfather because when we go to eat she serves him first.

My grandfather gets funny when my grandmother gets sick. He sits next to the bed and looks at her, how stupid he is! This is not going to cure her. This is not going to cure her.

My grandparents never yell at me. They always speak softly and are not like the teacher and mom, who think I am deaf. We must pay a lot of attention to them, because their advice will be very important for my future. They know because they are old.

I want my grandparents to always live, because I love them very much and they are very good. That’s why mommy and daddy can work calmly, because they know that they take care of me.

I take them to the blessing of the grandparents, when the novena to Santa Ana and they, as a reward, give me a new robe that I wear at the mass of San Joaquín and Santa Ana, on Grandparents’ Day.

When I go to sleep, I ask my grandmother for her blessing. I ask God and the Virgin of Charity to not let my grandparents get colds or bellyaches, and I thank them because I have the best grandparents in the world.

I want my parents to be like my grandparents.

Rocío’s grandmother is not as pretty as mine.

Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, pray for my grandparents. Ana Laura.


My grandparents are very good, their names are Joaquín and Ana, like Jesus’ grandparents. I have some little friends who don’t have grandparents, poor things, how lonely they must be!

I feel very good when I am with them, although, sometimes, they are very annoying. My grandfather helps my grandmother cook, he buys me sweets and oranges, So my grandfather makes orange soda, but she chases me all the time: Boy, don’t climb up!, Boy, come here!, Where were you? in?, Your hands are already dirty!, Look at those knees!, What did you do to your hair? Let me look at your ears, Hail Mary, if you can plant a sweet potato in them!, Oh! The new shoes, look boy, what your mother is going to say when she comes. Luisito, come take a bath… that’s how it always is. My grandfather makes my grandmother understand that I have to learn to play, develop, know. Let’s see? How am I going to learn to plaster walls like my grandfather if I don’t do it? It’s my fault that mud doesn’t work for that, of course! The kitchen wall didn’t look very pretty, but my grandmother didn’t recognize my effort. Thank goodness my grandfather arrived and convinced her that between the two of us we were going to paint everything.

My grandfather is my friend, he doesn’t care if I get my hands dirty, of course, when we finish I have to wash them well. I help him around the house, we fix some chair or door that is half broken, we sweep the patio and collect the garbage, we water the banana plants (I love it because everything ends up wet) and my grandfather tells me: Now boy, what are you doing? to kill the bushes with so much water!, and my grandmother, who always wants it, makes us water her orchids.

My mom and dad work a lot and when they get home they are also busy, and they can’t help me do my homework, but my grandfather can, he sits with me and since he wants me to learn, he doesn’t tell me anything, I have to do everything. To get it out of my head and out of the books, it helps me search well in the text where the solution is found. He knows many interesting stories, some are fantasy, but others are true, I don’t know why my grandfather didn’t become a teacher, because he would have been very good, he doesn’t get angry when I don’t understand or don’t find the solution, He doesn’t yell at me. He then speaks softer and thinks along with me.

I like to go to bed at night with my grandparents, I listen to them talk, they tell each other stories, they talk about what their family was like when they were young or children, how they lived, what they did. They loved and respected their parents a lot, but sometimes they did the same things that I do now and get ready! Their parents punished them very hard.

I talk to my grandfather when he takes me to school, he always knows the answers to my questions, he is always happy and makes me feel content too, and in the end, he is always right. He always picks me up in the afternoons when I leave school, sometimes we go to the park for a while, we play toss the ball, I throw it high and he always catches it; but if he is tired, I run around the park and he looks at the time on the clock (look, I like that watch of my grandfather’s, he keeps it in his pocket and it has a chain, I’m going to tell him to give it to me when I grow up).

When we get home in the afternoon, my grandmother has a snack ready for me and my grandfather always asks her if there is any for him, sometimes my grandmother makes a face, I don’t know why!

My grandparents take me to mass on Sundays. After mass my grandfather picks up a group of friends and we go to the park, or the casino, or the puppet show, or Coppelia, he always comes back tired and says his feet hurt.

I really like Sunday, because we have lunch better than ever and all together, my mom, my dad, my grandmother, my grandfather and me. My grandmother blesses food because she says that we must give thanks to God who provides it to us and also for all the people who, with their work, make this possible. We are all happy with the table, my mom and dad look happy, they talk with my grandparents, they make jokes, they talk about serious things, but they never criticize or speak badly of neighbors and friends.

I am a happy child because in my family we love each other very much. And everyone cares about me, even if it’s grandmother and grandfather who are always with me. My grandmother taught me to pray and love God and the Virgin, and to be a clean child (well, more or less). My grandfather takes me to catechism and advises me a lot. He is my friend and my friends’ friend. Mommy and Daddy love my grandparents and respect them a lot, thanks to them they can work and go to the movies or a party (which they say I can’t go to) and they are calm because they know that I am taken care of.

At the mass of Saint Anne and Saint Joachim I will ask God to take great care of my grandparents, so that they will always be with me and I will give thanks because they are one of the greatest gifts I have had in my life. Luisito

Santa Ana, we put the joy and happiness of the house in your hands: our grandchildren.

Present them to your Daughter, the Virgin, so that She may always show them the way, the truth and the life, which is Jesus Christ.

Santa Ana, we put the tenderness and affection of the house in your hands: wives and mothers, teach them to have a home where everyone wants to return early.

Saint Joachim, husband of Saint Anne, Father of the Virgin and grandfather of Jesus: we present to you the husbands and fathers, teach them to never leave home, to be the strong column of the economy, the trust and security of those who live in home.

Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, exemplary grandparents who knew how to guide the Blessed Virgin in faith and trust in God, we present to you our grandparents, teach them to know how to guide the faith of their grandchildren and be faithful to God.

Santa Ana and San Joaquín, we put our Community in your hands. Teach us to live as what we are, Children of God and brothers of all. Amen.

Grandparents who want to send their names and those of their grandchildren to the Archbishopric will be gladly assisted.


We pray for Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega Alamino on the first anniversary of his death.

God the Father, whom you created in your image, who are love, peace, joy and eternity, in the womb of Adela and you made him your son in Baptism, recognize him, just as you created him in the door of heaven that belongs to him because He is your son.

Lord Jesus Christ, to whom you told and he taught that whoever eats your bread will live forever, keep your promises to him now that he arrives at your house after having sown seeds of eternity.

Holy Spirit, whom you anointed in Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders, receive him with your resplendent anointings and present him to the heavenly Church clothed as priest, bishop and cardinal.

Saint Mary of Charity, mother of Jaime Lucas, to whom he prayed to you 50 times a day and wore your scapular, present her immense works of charity to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Saint Christopher, carry Cardinal Jaime and tell everyone who is in the house with twelve doors of heaven how many he carried and helped.

All the saints, pray for us who remain in this valley of tears and help us carry out the mission that God, the Church and Cardinal Jaime Lucas entrust to us. Amen.

And the blessing of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, descend on grandparents and grandchildren, on sons and daughters-in-law who gave grandchildren to grandparents and on the entire family and remain forever. Amen.



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